World Genocides

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“We are all different; because of that, each of us has something different and special to offer and each and every one of us can make a difference by not being indifferent.”

—Henry Friedman, Chairman of the Holocaust Education Centre, Washington

Rabbi Raphael Butler

“One of the driving principles of Cummings Foundation’s work in holocaust and genocide education and prevention is to rid the world of indifference to the plight of humanity. It is a call for engaged activism in a world that prefers to merely respond to the headline of the day. Developing stories that demand diligence and ongoing responsiveness are often relegated for “others” to be involved.

“We are a nation of “others” – it is incumbent upon us to review, remember, and respond wherever inhumanity occurs throughout the world. The horrors of genocides past are anguishing benchmarks of human indifference to slaughter. It is our belief and hope that the more aware our collective community becomes of the horrors of indifference, the more engaged the millions of students on campus will be to combat future horrors.”

—Rabbi Raphael B. Butler