$320 Million to Local Nonprofits

Cummings Foundation awards at least $25 million each year to a diverse group of local nonprofits in Middlesex, Essex, and Suffolk counties in eastern Massachusetts.

Our Programs and Special Interests

$20 Million Grant Program
$25 Million Grant Program

140 annual grants awarded each May to eastern Massachusetts nonprofits, largely selected by volunteers

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New Horizons
New Horizons Communities

Not-for-profit retirement communities developed by Cummings Foundation in Woburn and Marlboro, MA

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Veterinary School at Tufts
Veterinary School at Tufts

A commitment to long-term support of Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in North Grafton, MA

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University of Global Health Equity
University of Global Health Equity

An international university advancing global health in Butaro, Rwanda operated by Partners in Health

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Our Buildings Power Charities

Over the years, Joyce and Bill Cummings donated the large majority of Cummings Properties commercial property to the Foundation. Today, nearly all of the buildings managed by Cummings Properties are actually owned by and operated for the sole benefit of Cummings Foundation. Clients who lease space at these properties feel good about this business decision, knowing that Cummings Buildings Power Charities.

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Cummings Foundation Approach
Our Approach

They are the heroes: The nonprofit executive directors who also serve as HR managers, development officers, and marketing managers; the program staff who work diligently and passionately, often for low pay and even less recognition; the volunteers who devote precious free time in service to others. They are the heroes—not us.

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Cummings Foundation Volunteers

Second only to funding, volunteers are an integral part of Cummings Foundation's grant program. By tapping into the deep expertise and rich diversity of greater Boston's professional community, the Foundation is so much better able to understand the issues local communities are facing, identify the most promising and effective nonprofits to fund, and strengthen relationships with beneficiaries.

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awarded $100,000 – $2 million


in grants
given since 1986


Grants awarded
to local nonprofits

Cummings Grant Recipients
Grant Recipients

A list of all grant recipients from the past 10 years

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Starting Small Book on Table
Starting Small and Making It Big

Read Cummings Foundation's founder Bill Cummings' Autobiography

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Cummings Foundation COVID-19 Response
Cummings Foundation's COVID-19 Response

$1 million to local COVID-19 relief programs

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About Cummings Foundation

Joyce and Bill Cummings
"We reject the phrase give until it hurts. The better advice is to give until it feels good, and then keep on giving."

— Bill and Joyce Cummings, founders of Cummings Properties and Cummings Foundation, and first Massachusetts members of The Giving Pledge

Cummings Foundation was established in 1986 and has since grown to be one of the three largest foundations in New England. The Foundation is active in four major areas, focusing much of its efforts on the communities in which colleagues and clients live and work.

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