Joyce Vyriotes
Communications Manager
200 West Cummings Park
Woburn, MA. 01801
Phone: 781-932-7072

Supportive Living, Inc.
Raising the quality of life for survivors of brain injury

Supportive Living, Inc. calls its residents "survivors." They have endured a life-changing event and are ready to rebuild their lives.

Founded in 1991 by Carrol and Doug Stephens, the parents of a survivor of brain injury, Supportive Living, Inc. provides a home residential atmostphere and individualized support service to survivors who are capable of becoming more independent members of the community. Two existing homes are designed with the needs of survivors in mind... they feature 24-hour staff support and supervision, a barrier-free environment, access to a community social life, and ongoing life skills training.

Cummings Foundation was pleased, through New Horizons at Choate, to provide all land needed for the first Supportive Living home at 19 Warren Avenue, Woburn, MA. See