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James L. McKeown Interchange on I-93
Tribute to Cummings Properties Foundation's late managing trustee

The new Interstate 93 highway interchange in North Woburn was named in honor of Cummings Foundation’s late managing trustee, and Cummings Properties’ late president, James L. McKeown. Massachusetts Senate President Thomas Birmingham announced the naming of the interchange during a Woburn Business Association (WBA) Annual Meeting. It was an especially fitting gathering he chose, because McKeown himself was a former WBA president.

Mr. McKeown received a master’s degree in elementary school administration from University of Vermont. With teaching jobs very scarce, however, he soon joined Cummings Properties as his first and only full-time job after college, rising to become president of the Woburn-based firm in 1992. He was also the first alumnus of the Boys and Girls Club of Woburn ever to become a director, and later its president, too.