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Institute for World Justice (IWJ) offers meaningful opportunities for investors to help prevent future genocides by helping to support Holocaust and genocide education at a core group of colleges and universities in the northeastern US. Become a partner in this important effort by providing matching funds to one of the institutions below, each of which is actively seeking financial support to establish the IWJ program on its campus. Please click on a school name to learn more about the institution and its plans for Holocaust and genocide programming, should the necessary funding be secured. For more information about investing in an IWJ program at one of these institutions, or another of your choosing, contact Joyce Vyriotes at 781-932-7099 or


UPDATE: March 2012
Beginning in late 2010, Institute for World Justice (IWJ) worked for a full year with its proposal to bring Holocaust and genocide education programs to a large number of American colleges and universities. Although IWJ announced it was prepared and funded to commit $100 million to this major project, it was singularly unsuccessful in locating any entity or person(s) with whom to partner.

While IWJ has since ceased outreach efforts for this program, the organization is still very open to speaking with those who may have an interest in creating annuities, with a minimum investment of $1 million, to establish a Holocaust and genocide education program at one or more American colleges or universities of their choice. With such an investment, as described in more detail on the About Us page, IWJ would guarantee cash disbursements of $100,000 per year to each enrolled school for a minimum guaranteed term of 15 years.

The schools would then use the awarded funds to offer meaningful Holocaust, genocide, and injustice education. IWJ would also provide ongoing programming, promotional, and management assistance. While these programs could be modeled after the very successful Cummings/Hillel program at Tufts University, the curriculum and the expenditure of allocated funds would be entirely at the discretion of each school.

For more information, please contact Joyce Vyriotes at 781-932-7099.


Institutions Currently Seeking Matching Funds