September 2015
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University of Global Health Equity Opens in Rwanda

Cummings Foundation pledged the first $15 million toward the planning and creation of Phase I of University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) in Butaro, Rwanda, and was then instrumental in securing matching funds from other American sources.
Operated by Dr. Paul Farmer and his superb Partners In Health team, this groundbreaking health sciences university welcomed its very first class this week. 

In an email Monday morning to Bill and Joyce Cummings, Dr. Farmer wrote:

"Happy birthday to the University of Global Health Equity. I don't throw the term 'game-changer' around lightly, but am convinced that this new kind of university--and new kind of curriculum--has the greatest potential to improve health and well-being of all the projects we've been involved in over the last three decades."

Pictured below, Dr. Farmer gave the very first lecture in the school's interim headquarters in Rwinkwavu--a case study on Ebola's explosion in West Africa--to UGHE's inaugural class of 26 students, who are enrolled in the Master of Science in Global Health Delivery program.
More information about UGHE is available at This major new institution is receiving additional Boston-area support and guidance from Harvard University and Tufts University.

On the first day of classes, Dr. Paul Farmer challenges new students
with the pivotal question, "How do you make things better for the most vulnerable?"

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