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Joyce Vyriotes, Executive Director


Andrew Bishop, Deputy Director


The Cummings Foundation representatives above are readily available to answer questions via phone or email. We ask, however, that you review this website, including the FAQ page, before contacting us, as there is a great deal of information available on these pages. In addition, please note that Cummings Foundation does not generally hold informational or relationship-building meetings. Because this policy is applied consistently, organizations seeking funding will not be disadvantaged by it.

The Foundation does not typically make contributions in response to mass mailings of any sort. Additionally, while we are very interested in the good work so many nonprofits are doing in our local communities, we are unable to read the many unsolicited newsletters, event notices, and other announcements that arrive with increasing frequency via both email and postal mail. Accordingly, we would very much appreciate your not adding us to general mailing lists for fundraising requests or informational updates.

The Cummings organization believes strongly in giving back locally. Rather than evaluating a multitude of requests throughout the year, including those for event sponsorships, we have consolidated our giving through our annual grant program. Please note that proposals, including letters of inquiry, will be considered and responded to only if submitted in accordance with the guidelines of this formal grant program. Please review the Grant Information page for information about the grant application process, including funding priorities, eligibility requirements, application procedures, and a timeline.

Thank you.